Side Tow Cart System

The Side Tow Cart System has become a trend-setter for assembly line applications throughout the states. With the use of Side Pin Tow Carts, this system can be installed with absolutely no concrete work, whatsoever! A side tow system can be routed as a loop or inline. Since the cart is offset from the track, operators can work on 3 sides of the cart without the burden of stepping over the track. Another big advantage to this system is that carts can be pulled off the line with ease. This design is protected by US Patent #9,096,383

Dual Pin Crossover

The Dual Pin Crossover is our newest development for Crossing Over the drive section, ensuring to hold EXACT center spacing in order to keep maintain consistent takt times for synchronous conveying applications. This design ELIMINATES the need for an air actuated cylinder to push the carts across the “dead zone” at the drive section. This design is protected by US Patent #9,096,383


Side Pin Tow Carts

Side pin Tow carts are designed so that all four of the cart’s wheels are on the outside/inside of the track; therefore, the tow pin would be located on the far right or left. Standard side pin carts will include a bumper bar on the front side that disengages the tow pin from the chain when something is in its path. This cart will also be equipped with dual tow pins–one in the front and one in the rear. The rear tow pin will have a bearing to reduce friction around curves. Side Pin Tow Carts can be utilized on In-floor and On-floor systems.