Inline Tow Conveyor System

In some situations, a loop system does not suite the applications, such as transporting product from one end of your facility to the other–this is where our Inline system comes in handy. An inline system pulls a tow cart from one point to the other–in a straight line, “U” shape, “L” shape or a “zigzag” configuration. This system is as simple as it gets! Carts can be rolled directly to the entry box and pins will engage with the use of gravity, then when the cart gets to the exit box the tow pin mechanically disengage–automatically.

Inline Track

To minimize floor space we route the chain side-by-side, so that the return chain is parallel to the main tow chain. The track sections are spaced on 3″ centers, as shown in the photos below, and can range from 2″ – 4.5″ in height. The return track section is coved by a removable “Z” bracket which can be easily removed for maintenance. In many Assembly installations we have provided rigid brush-seal to prevent foreign objects from falling into the main track section.