Rhodes Highline

Dripless. Unique enclosed track is open only on the top. Oil and dirt are prevented from falling onto value-added parts being conveyed. The cost of rejected parts and rework/repair of damaged finish is minimized.

Simple. Conveyor components are comprised of basic and durable parts which are accessible and readily available for service. The system is robust with a minimum of downtime. Interruptions to production are minimized.

Easy Installation. Components are factory pre-assembled to minimize installation time. Bolt-together assembly in the field helps speed installation time and keeps costs low. Pre-engineered, bolt-together support stands are provided. This eliminates the need to weld supports to building structural components.

Power & Control. Flexible manufacturing features allow the system’s
operation to be tailored to your unique processing needs:

Stop Stations. Stops can be set up in areas where more processing
time is needed. Parts can rotate in stop stations. This can contribute
to higher quality production results and lower cost in related
processing equipment like paint applicator automation. While parts
are stopped at the stop stations, the remainder of the line can continue to operate normally.

Carrier Accumulation. Load bars can rotate into ‘close pack’
position. By moving closer together, products can save floor space in key areas of the plant like flash tunnels, ovens and cool-down zones. This saves cost in capital expense of these system components.

Carrier-on-Call. Carriers can be queued at critical operation points.
This means a variable-time stop station can be created by queuing
parts ahead of and behind the stop. Complex parts can be processed for longer times, and simple parts can be quickly processed and released early. This provides the ultimate in production system flexibility.

The Rhodes system is controlled. Machine Interface (HMI) provides a dynamic graphics display driven by real-time data. The control system provides information on usage of the system over time and the status of system components, updated continuously. With the optional modem hookup, real-time production data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The control system provides a
responsive manufacturing model that enables the use of production assets to be optimized.

Heavy Capacity. The sturdy construction of the High Line conveyor enables you to support a heavy payload. Up to 1000 pounds can be supported by a single load bar, properly spaced. This provided flexibility in the production process by allowing for a wide mix of parts to be run on the line.

Turns. Short, 2-foot radius turns save space on the plant floor. The system footprint is kept as compact as possible, freeing up space for other plant operations.

Elevation Change. Conveyor height can be changed to accommodate work station needs. Different work stations may require different work heights for varying processing needs. Productivity of the conveyor line is optimized.

Switching. Carriers can be switched to alternate conveyor track routes. By diverting carriers to different stations, production flexibility is enhanced.

Rhodes Special Features

The different ways are systems can operate is why Rhodes is unique. Since
all three systems function similarly, we will use the Rhodes Towline
Conveyor System for our discussion.