Rhodes Tow Covneyor


RSI Towline Conveyor Systems (On-Floor and /or In-Floor) is the most flexible in the industry for multiple product combinations. The Towline Conveyor is known in many industries as the most economical, logical solution for multi-task finishing and material handling operations. Known as the reliable "work horse" of the industry, the towline conveyor is a good choice to solve your production finishing or product transport difficulties. From design to installation and services, the RSI team has been directly involved in over 1200 finishing and or material handling systems worldwide. Let us study your process applications and production requirements!

New Features - Gorilla Drive

Our most recent Innovation to the Legendary Towline is the Surface Mounted "Gorilla" Drive! Say goodbye to monumental concrete pits, as this drive requires little to NO concrete work! This drive can be supplied for In-floor or On-floor Applications. This drive is virtually maintenance free, as it has very few moving parts. When this drive system is coupled with a Side-Pull Tow Cart, absolutely NO Concrete work will be needed! This drive is equipped standard with a Spring Operated Take-Up system and an Automatic Chain Oiler.

Rhodes Above Floor Drive System

Inline Tow Conveyor

The RSI Inline Tow Conveyor is superior for applications that need to transport product from point "A" to point "B". This system is used mostly for Assembly Lines and Material Handling. An inline system can be configured in a straight line, "L" shape, "U" shape or zig-zag.

Inline Tow Conveyor

The photo above demonstrates a small Inline Tow Conveyor that is utilizing "Side-Pin" Tow Carts. This configuration does not require concrete work whatsoever!

Custom Designs

So far, there has not been an application taht we could'nt tackle! Our team has come across many situations where concepts seemed to be Impossible, but through critical thinking we have come up with clever and unique solutions. We design and manufacture custom systems and tow carts to suite the application.

Advanced Conveyance Systems

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